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                   I WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU WORKOUT! 

A fun, unique way to tone your body and feel great!  Forget boring and repetitive workouts. I am committed to providing an experience that will keep you eager for the next workout!  I come up with a custom workout made just for you based on your fitness goals.  I promise you will leave my workout energized and feeling great about yourself!

Jaime Farrell- Dec 10, 2010
I have lost more than 40 pounds since I began working out with Amy from Fit it in.  I also dropped 3 pants sizes.   The workouts are a challenge and are never the same. I love that I feel stronger and healthier.   I feel like I am learning a lot and I have a lot of fun.   I am very happy with the weight I have lost and that other people have noticed it.  I started with Fit it in to get in shape for a wedding but I plan to continue working out with Amy  to keep losing weight, and drop more inches and continue feeling great!

Jessica Blastos - May 24, 2010
I did not know what to expect from personal training. I love working out with the trainer from Fit it In. She geared the workout to my goals and ability. I had plateaued on a circuit. She taught me exercises that really increased my strength. She gives me challenges I can do so my fitness level keeps increasing. Now I can be more active and do more cardio. My back pain is gone.

Justine Fredericks - Mar 22, 2010

Since I started training with Amy I have gained strength,muscle tone, and have been able to increase my cardio activity. I lost weight, gone down a size, and have the motivation to keep going!! I can't thank Amy enough for putting me on my way to looking better and also feeling so much better both in health and confidence. I would recommend Fit It In Personal Training to others as I will keep coming back for these motivational workouts!!!








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